Here are some useful information for foreign residents with children in Yokohama area. We provide information in English, Chinese(Pekingese), Spanish, and Korean.

English / Chinese / Spanish / Korean

International Lounges in Yokohama
The City of Yokohama promotes the development of communities where it is easy to live and be active for both Japanese and foreigners.
The “International Lounges” serve as regional centers to support this objective.
The centers assist foreign residents in their daily life and their efforts to learn the Japanese language.Furthermore, the facilities provide opportunities for both Japanese and foreigners to communicate and exchange with each other through various events.
They are operated by civil activity groups, NPOs, or foundations, with the support of citizen volunteers.


Yokohama Association for International Communications and Exchanges (YOKE)
YOKE is a public foundation that carries out activities in support of foreign nationals living in Yokohama.


Multi-language Information Center(MIC kanagawa)
MIC Kanagawa will help provide medical treatment to foreign residents, in case of accidents or disaster. This service is available only through hospitals or local authorities)This is free of charge. You are welcome to join our gathering if you wish to consult about your health conditions.